I have a Bachelor of Education, taught lower elementary until my first baby was born, and still substitute on occasion at a local elementary school.
I have a son and a daughter – they’re awesome.
I'm REALLY great with kids! For years I ran an in-home day care, and then cared for kids before and after school in my home for ten years. That phase is done but I still love when my house is full of my kids and their friends – although sometimes I could do without the noise and the mess!!
I have a horrible memory. If there isn’t a picture of it I will forget it ever happened which is a major reason why I love to photograph so much.
I am a VERY casual person. I prefer comfy clothes, staying home, and close friendships.
I am incredibly close with my family.
I hate posing and find it very awkward to be in front of the camera – a major reason why I love candid shots so much!
I am a serious dog lover. I had a Vizsla for ten years before he passed, and currently have a three year old Golden Doodle. I love when clients bring their dogs along to family sessions. The fur, muddy paws and slobber – I’m all over it!